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Molokaʻi Land Trust

Tue/Wed/Thur 8AM-2PM

Volunteer activities are determined by the time of year, weather, and program activities at the time. Common activities for our volunteers include, invasive species removal, out planting of common and rare native species, seed collecting, nursery work/plant propagation, fence repairs/maintenance, etc.

Bring a good-sized personal water container and sack lunch/snacks. Additional water will be made available on site. Wear sturdy shoes/boots, there is a lot of kiawe out there! Please clean your shoes before the activity to prevent introduction of new weeds into the preserve.

There are no restrooms or sanitation facilities on the preserve as it is a natural
area – please be prepared! Pack out all personal trash.

If you are staying on the west end, please plan on meeting at the Keonelele Gate between mile marker 12 & 13 (approx.12.5) on Highway 460 (Maunaloa Hwy). The gate is located in a large pull-off at the top of the hill on the North side of the highway. We will depart from this location after getting folks parked and loaded into the 4WD vehicles.

If you are coming in from the Eastside of town, you may meet us at our baseyard in Kualapuʻu located at 1800 Farrington Avenue, Kualapuʻu, HI 96757. Our building is located one block west of Kualapuʻu market on the main road (Farrington Avenue).

Tue 7/16/2024 8am-2pm
Tue 7/16/2024 8am-2pm, Wed 7/17/2024 8am-2pm, Thu 7/18/2024 8am-2pm, Tue 7/23/2024 8am-2pm, Wed 7/24/2024 8am-2pm, Thu 7/25/2024 8am-2pm, Tue 7/30/2024 8am-2pm, Wed 7/31/2024 8am-2pm, Thu 8/1/2024 8am-2pm, Tue 8/6/2024 8am-2pm, Wed 8/7/2024 8am-2pm, Thu 8/8/2024 8am-2pm, Tue 8/13/2024 8am-2pm, Wed 8/14/2024 8am-2pm, Thu 8/15/2024 8am-2pm, Tue 8/20/2024 8am-2pm, Wed 8/21/2024 8am-2pm, Thu 8/22/2024 8am-2pm, Tue 8/27/2024 8am-2pm, Wed 8/28/2024 8am-2pm, Thu 8/29/2024 8am-2pm, Tue 9/3/2024 8am-2pm, Wed 9/4/2024 8am-2pm, Thu 9/5/2024 8am-2pm, Tue 9/10/2024 8am-2pm, Wed 9/11/2024 8am-2pm, Thu 9/12/2024 8am-2pm, Tue 9/17/2024 8am-2pm, Wed 9/18/2024 8am-2pm, Thu 9/19/2024 8am-2pm, Tue 9/24/2024 8am-2pm, Wed 9/25/2024 8am-2pm, Thu 9/26/2024 8am-2pm, Tue 10/1/2024 8am-2pm, Wed 10/2/2024 8am-2pm, Thu 10/3/2024 8am-2pm, Tue 10/8/2024 8am-2pm, Wed 10/9/2024 8am-2pm, Thu 10/10/2024 8am-2pm, Tue 10/15/2024 8am-2pm, Wed 10/16/2024 8am-2pm, Thu 10/17/2024 8am-2pm, Tue 10/22/2024 8am-2pm, Wed 10/23/2024 8am-2pm, Thu 10/24/2024 8am-2pm, Tue 10/29/2024 8am-2pm, Wed 10/30/2024 8am-2pm, Thu 10/31/2024 8am-2pm, Tue 11/5/2024 8am-2pm, Wed 11/6/2024 8am-2pm, Thu 11/7/2024 8am-2pm, Tue 11/12/2024 8am-2pm, Wed 11/13/2024 8am-2pm, Thu 11/14/2024 8am-2pm, Tue 11/19/2024 8am-2pm, Wed 11/20/2024 8am-2pm, Thu 11/21/2024 8am-2pm, Tue 11/26/2024 8am-2pm, Wed 11/27/2024 8am-2pm, Thu 11/28/2024 8am-2pm, Tue 12/3/2024 8am-2pm, Wed 12/4/2024 8am-2pm, Thu 12/5/2024 8am-2pm, Tue 12/10/2024 8am-2pm, Wed 12/11/2024 8am-2pm, Thu 12/12/2024 8am-2pm, Tue 12/17/2024 8am-2pm, Wed 12/18/2024 8am-2pm, Thu 12/19/2024 8am-2pm, Tue 12/24/2024 8am-2pm, Wed 12/25/2024 8am-2pm, Thu 12/26/2024 8am-2pm, Tue 12/31/2024 8am-2pm, Wed 1/1/2025 8am-2pm, Thu 1/2/2025 8am-2pm, Tue 1/7/2025 8am-2pm, Wed 1/8/2025 8am-2pm, Thu 1/9/2025 8am-2pm, Tue 1/14/2025 8am-2pm, Wed 1/15/2025 8am-2pm, Thu 1/16/2025 8am-2pm
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